Sunday, July 5, 2009

Le Quartier Asiatique

The 13th arrondissement is not famous for its restaurants. However, it is near the Asian Quarter and during my pre-trip research I read about the one thing one must try in this quarter--the Vietnamese Pho.

I must say, I was not at all disappointed. To say that the Pho was a bowl of perfection might be going too far but it was certainly more than just a good bowl of soup. It was NOTHING like its American cousin--a flavorless broth accompanied by just as flavorless, textureless skinny noodles topped with a few absentmindedly thrown on and questionable slices of rare beef.

Pho Special from Pho 14

This was a hearty broth--one that you want to keep drinking spoonful after spoonful. The meat was succulent, the tripe was tender, and the beef balls were flavorful. Add a few basil leaves, bean sprouts, chillies, siracha sauce, or hoisin sauce (in my opinion the broth was so good it needed neither of the sauces) to your liking and you've got well...a perfect bowl of noodles.

The sign of a good restaurant--seeing mobs of people outside waiting for seats as youre walking out after a satisfying meal


  1. If you don't mind me asking, where do you regularly eat pho when you're in Fresno?

  2. I guess the Vietnamese in America have forgotten how to make their own Pho, LoL!