Monday, June 20, 2011

Bourbon Caramel Chocolate Macarons

It's officially summer vacation! I spent the past week back home in Fresno, and although it was very relaxing, there really is not much to do there. So, we made a little trip to a magical place called BevMo! and made a few little purchases--one of them being a handsome bottle of Bulleit bourbon. After that, we spent all our afternoons lounging by the pool with fantastic drinks in hand--bourbon for the man and fruity, spicy drinks for me, of course.

With a bottle of bourbon just sitting around, I couldn't help but think about incorporating it into some desserts. First thing I thought of was bourbon caramel...then macarons (of course)...then chocolate macarons...and thus, my bourbon caramel chocolate macarons came into being. I filled the chocolate macaron shells with a dollop of caramel in the center surrounded by a ring of chocolate ganache. I don't have a specific recipe to post up yet...I kind of played everything by taste. In the end, there was only a very subtle hint of bourbon flavor so I'm working on making it a little bit more pronounced. Hopefully I'll have a full-blown recipe up eventually. This is just a little guide as to which products I used in the macaron shells and filling.


Bourbon Caramel Chocolate Macarons

for the macaron shells:
Guittard cocoa powder, unsweetened rouge red dutch process cocoa

for the chocolate ganache filling:
Valhrona Guanaja, 70% dark chocolate

for the bourbon caramel filling:
Bulleit bourbon


  1. OMG I LOVED these! I could never make them myself but let me know the next time you swing by Scoops with a batch of these. :) And thanks for making my life a little better by introducing me to these.

  2. I can attest to the fact that these were delicious.

  3. When and where can we get some? :-)

  4. yummmmmmmmmmmm! i definitely want to try some!