Sunday, July 5, 2009


Saturday we journeyed to Honfleur--a picturesque Viking port town in Normandy on the Seine River with charming cobble-stoned streets.  Most notable, at least for me, was the amazing seafood lunch we had there in a quaint little port-side restaurant. 

First, we had the largest oysters I've ever had. I saw vendors on the street market outside selling cartloads of fresh unshucked oysters so I knew they were amazingly fresh. They were wonderfully meaty and brine-y without being fishy. It was just a clean, slightly sweet taste that was reminiscent of fresh clear sea water. Definitely an orgasmic gastronomic experience. 

Moules Mariniere

Next came the moules mariniere frites--mussels with a side of fries. They were exactly what I've been craving. Tender, flavorful pieces of bright orange mussels accompanied by crispy fries to dip in the juices. Between the three of us who order the mussels, we filled almost two buckets with the shells. It was the perfect lunch. 

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