Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Brasserie Birthday

7 rue de la Bastille

For my birthday, I decided to treat myself to a classic brasserie meal. After doing some research by consulting various guide books and the internet, I settled on Brasserie Bofinger. I didn't know if I could trust guidebooks and the so-so outside decor made me a little anxious.

However, once through the door, I was greeted cheerfully by the bartender and led to a seat next to two nice french gentlemen. The perfectly preserved original belle epoque decor inside was absolutely beautiful. The original glass cupola was definitely the star.

While we were reading the menu and deciding on our courses, the two gentlemen sitting next to us got their meal. It was a masterpiece--a HUGE icy plate piled high with all sorts of shellfish. I must've been drooling while I was looking at it.

I got a more modest plate of shellfish though it was probably just as tasty. I loved the clams and cockles and whelks and winkles...I'm still not entirely sure which is which but they were all so tasty!

I also finally had my escargot. They were a good size and incredibly delicious and full of flavor. The best part was soaking up the excess butter with my crusty bread. So sinful but so good!

The duck breast was also really good and it came with sticks of grilled polenta. The sauce was good and the meat was perfectly cooked.

Overall it was not only delicious food but a wonderful dining experience. The ambiance was great and the staff cheerful and friendly. A perfect Birthday lunch :)

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