Saturday, June 27, 2009


Knife-cut Noodles

wonderfully chewy short, thick noodles cut with a knife from a firm slab of dough into boiling water topped with a meat sauce made from pork, bean sprouts, and julienned cucumbers
mix it all together and YUM!

a pan-fried pancake-like delicacy with a juicy filling of beef and scallions

its delicious with a nice bowl of beef broth although the pancake itself is so juicy that when you take a bite, you have to catch the juices with a spoon but be careful--it's super hot! I know because I was so excited for it, I bit into it while it was still hot and the juice squirted out and almost burnt my lips.

yummy yummy yum yum


  1. Ohhhh these look so good Christina!

  2. Great picture of you ... it looks like you totally demolished everything in the bowls!