Monday, June 29, 2009

My First French Baguette

From the moment the yeasty scent of freshly baked bread first wafted towards my direction, my nose started leading the way. It took me down a tree-lined side street and into a cute little boulangerie. I contemplated a sandwich, a macaron, or a pain au chocolat but ultimately I was there for the baguette--and that was what I got. The nice French lady handed the baguette wrapped only in a tiny piece of parchment paper to me and to my utterly delighted surprise, it was still warm! Thoroughly excited, though too embarrassed to let it show--I didn't want to seem completely incompetent to the French--I pretty much skipped my way back to my hotel room with a long baguette in hand.

I had to restrain myself from breaking the perfectly golden crust before I made it back into my room, but when I did, it was amazing. The thin crispy crust easily gave way to the soft, tender, yeasty center. I devoured a piece with entire baguette still in hand before remembering the cute glass jar of Nutella I got this morning. Add a smear of nutty, chocolate-y Nutella and you've got heaven in a bite. sigh. I'm loving Paris.


  1. That looks incredible! And I love the glass jar of Nutella :)

  2. im not sure if its the glass jar that makes it taste better or if it really is tastier over here lol

  3. I've always wanted one of those class jars!

  4. im pretty sure it tastes better out of the glass jar, just like i think coca-cola tastes better out of the glass bottle haha.

  5. Well done ! The last picture is great (Nutella !). I also love Banana Nutella crêpes. You should try :)

    French Course Angel