Friday, June 26, 2009


Just one more day in Taiwan and then I'm off to Paris. Although it's only been about a week, I've already made it to most of my favorite eats here--but only once, and most of them deserve a good two or three visits! Taiwan is as much about the food as anything else--and those who know me know I'm about the food more than anything else ;)

Initially, the plan was to start this blog as soon as I landed here so that I could document and share each delicious meal. However, I soon realized how difficult it was to refrain from taking a bite before taking a picture. Therefore, not every plate and every bite ended up being documented but here's a few...

Mitsui Japanese Restaurant
Mitsui Culinary Art Museum:No.108, Dun-Hua South Road Section 1, B1-1, Taipei City

sashimi appetizer...
We sat at the sushi bar and because we frequent this restaurant so much when we're in town, all the sushi chefs know us. Therefore, none of the following we actually "ordered." They just prepare whatever is freshest that day.

fish liver with fruit/yuzu vinegar dipping sauce...
one of my favorites

uni nigiri with pickled daikon

I don't remember the name of this fish but it was topped with a tomato gelee that was slightly sweet and sour. orgasm in my mouth

teka makki...
tuna roll--it's my brother's favorite. An entire roll usually comes with about six pieces and Kevin can down a good four rolls on top of everything else.

seba nigiri...
lightly seared with a hand held torch and topped with ginger and chives

some other fish whose name I dont remember...
also lightly seared

beef nigiri...
this was the most special piece of sushi from that night. It was about four thin slices of marbled beef--I want to say it was Kobe beef but I'm not entirely sure---sitting on top of sushi rice, lighty seared with the blow torch so that it is still nice and medium rare, topped with a special sauce and chives. It was absolutely divine--a nice slightly chewy texture from the rareness of the beef, a natural sweetness from the beef complemented by the sweet sauce and vinegared rice.

soft shell crab...
super juicy meat inside the super crispy shell destined for a hand roll

where the sushi chef worked his magic

So this is my first post...hopefully there will be more to come--in Taipei and Paris :)


  1. I'm so happy that you are doing this. I love you!

  2. your pictures look so great! i always find mitsui so dark that my pics look awful.. can you share what camera you use?