Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I made these during a weekend in Fresno, when I went home to pick up my puppy and for the first time in my life, had the entire house that I grew up in to myself. Of course, the only place in the house that really mattered to me was the kitchen, and that was where I spent most of my time alone. It was an overcast weekend, with grey skies, no breeze, and a serenity about our garden. Minnie kept me company in the kitchen as I methodically measured out the almonds and sugar, ground them to a fine powder, and whipped my egg whites into tall peaks. I folded my batter in silence and carefully piped out little rounds on my silpats. I was in my own little world, dusted in sugar from head to toe.

I love these little things--maybe even more making them than eating them. I revel in the preciseness of the process. I love watching the rows of perfectly lined-up macarons grow their little feet in the oven. There's almost nothing I enjoy more, and all the while, Norah Jones would be playing in the background.

There really is no other point to this post. There are no recipes, no new tips--just a little insight on my affection for macarons. Also, I'm rarely as proud as I am of these photos. This was the first time I felt like I connected with my new DSLR. It did exactly what I wanted it to do, and I was so happy with these pictures, I could've kissed my lenses. Is that weird?



These little beauties are all gone now. But don't fret, there will be some more at Scoops Westside tomorrow!


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! I must ask though, I have been trying to find a working matcha macaron recipe...which one did you use?

  2. gorgeous pics and drool worthy as always. bring some to taipei next time! :)

  3. those are so darling. i had a first attempt at macarons the other day and accidentally made them way too big. whoops. they were like sandwiches instead of cookies. however, they tasted good.


  4. Could you share the recipe for these wonderful macaroons? I'd love to make them. Thanks! PS... love your blog and the photography.

  5. ok, your blog is awesome. i'm about to attempt macaroons for the first time. any tips?