Sunday, November 29, 2009

Earthen Restaurant, Hacienda Heights

I am very much a NorCal kind of person. I hadn't explored much of LA outside of Santa Monica, Westwood, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, etc. Although as a result of the unfortunate need to be near Rose Hills Memorial this past weekend, I got a chance to taste a few restaurants in the surrounding Hacienda Heights, Rowland Heights area. Chinese carbohydrates have a comforting quality even in the worst of times.

Earthen Restaurant
1839 S. Azusa Ave.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745


Seafood Noodle Hot Soup [$6.50]
I wish I could take more heat! The noodles were so delightfully chewy but the broth was too spicy for me to handle. I am such a wimp. Sadly, I only had a few mouthfuls before I had to move on to another dish.


Hot & Sour Soup (S)[$6.25] (L)[$7.25]
Not too spicy, not too sour--a well balanced hot and sour soup


House Chicken (S)[$7.95) (L)[$10.95]
This was some delicious chicken! No wonder this dish is a must-order at this restaurant. While already delicately spiced and flavored, the hidden crisp cucumbers under the chicken thigh meat also kept this dish from being too heavy.


Green Onion Pan Cake [$3.25]
Not too greasy at all! While not having as many layers as I expected, the dough was nice and chewy and most importantly, I didn't feel like I was eating oil-soaked pieces of bread.


House Vegetable Dumpling (2 pieces) [$4.95]


Pork Dumpling (10 pieces) [$6.25]
These dumplings had an obviously homemade skin that was so wonderfully chewy! Although the pork filling was nothing profoundly different or tastier than other versions I've had, the chewy, doughy, wrapper was great.


Fish Dumpling (10 pieces) [$6.75]
I don't usually go for fish dumplings...however, these were delicious! The filling was nice and tender and fresh. There was no fishy taste! I wish I hadn't been so busy downing one dumpling after another so that I could've taken a picture of the heavenly filling. Easily the best dumplings I've had in a while. I can't compliment the dumpling wrapper enough.

Not only was this restaurant a good deal, but the food was also very well prepared. I wish I'd taken a picture of the restaurant itself. There was a slight wait to get into the restaurant but once you're in, the ambiance was nice for such a busy place. There were no sticky floors or table tops yet the food was authentic and good! Just what my family and I needed after a difficult week. FYI, avoid the Thanksgiving buffet at the Pacific Palms Resort unless it if your very LAST choice. We had no other choice and I experienced the worst buffet of my life.


  1. I've been outside Earthen so many times and never gone in. I think I'll go in next time. :)

  2. I've read about Earthen so many times and never gone in... Looks like a house of carbs ala Supreme Dragon, A&J, etc. Not quite convinced...