Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blue Plate Oysterette, Santa Monica

While planning a weekday shopping trip to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, I also had to decide on the perfect spot for a nice lunch. First instinct was Anisette Brasserie--I've been wanting to try it but hadn't had a chance to yet--but uncharacteristically, my usual default towards french food was overpowered by my discovery of this little oyster bar serving up east-coast style lobster rolls.


Blue Plate Oysterette
1355 Ocean Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90402


Blackboard of daily fresh fish and available oysters and clams


The chef was frying up cod non-stop the entire time I was there--the fish and chips was a popular dish and it looked delicious


Kushi and Bahia Falsa Oysters on the Half-Shell
served with mignonette and cocktail sauce


I usually only put a nice squeeze on my oysters but the cocktail sauce was very good and addicting. I knew I wanted some of the Kushi oysters (of the Kumamoto variety) and the waitress also suggested the Bahia Falsa oysters which had a nice cucumber finish. I have to say, although they were very fresh, they were not as expertly shucked as I would've liked them to be--there were bits of shell in a few that I had. However, I believe this was due to the fact that they were extremely busy--an order for 36 oysters going in right before mine.

Initially, I was a little disappointed when my lobster roll arrived before my oysters. I was perfectly content letting my sandwich sit while I waited for my oysters. However, the general manger was extremely attentive and asked why I hadn't eaten my sandwich. When I told him the reason, he immediately made sure that my oysters would come out soon, and he took the sandwich back to refry my fries for me after I finished my oysters. Now THAT is quality restaurant service.


Lobster Roll
with brioche roll and Old Bay seasoned fries



The fries were very good and the lobster roll was one of the best I've ever had. I asked for light mayonnaise and it came with the perfect amount. The spices were good, there was a good amount of lobster meat, and the celery and red onion were cut into small enough pieces that the flavors all melded together. The brioche roll was also nicely toasted on both side.

The manager also had a little surprised for me at the end of my meal. As a result of the oyster-mix up and long wait, my delicious half dozen oysters were on the house! Sigh, what service! Enough to make a girl swoon!


will definitely be back again!

BP Oysterette in Los Angeles


  1. Your photo of the sandwich and fries and that cheery blue and white checkerboard paper would've been enough for me to visit, but that great service makes this place even more enticing.

  2. that's awesome that you're oysters were on the house!! they must've been really confused when they saw that you hadn't even touched your sandwich. mmm it all looks delicious!

  3. @weezermonkey: I read your blog all the time! Your pictures are amazing! I'm so flattered you've stopped by my blog :)

    @tiffany: It was pretty amazing and it definitely took me by surprise!

  4. so not a lobster roll kind of girl, but your picture makes it LOOK absolutely gorgeously delicious. might have to go back (the few times i've gone, only ate oysters) and give the lobster roll a try...

  5. oooh! lobster rolls in LA?! i remember seeing something about them on the food network a few years back and then cursing that we weren't on the east coast. i will definitely have to try this when i'm back in LA.