Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two long papers left to write before I leave for Taiwan on Thursday makes me unmotivated to write any more than I have to...even if it's writing on my food blog. Sorry. Will be back soon.


  1. let me know if you have time to meet up while you are in taipei!

  2. Good luck! Finals week is almost over! Your so lucky your going to Taiwan.

  3. Hi christina! My name is Will and I'm from We are hosting a wine event at ludobites and I would love for you to attend. It's going to be a group of LA bloggers enjoying a preview tasting of Ludo's newest menu. Please let me know if you are willing and able. Please let me know asap, as seats are filling up fast. Thanks!


  4. @Joan: Meeting up with be lovely! I've been such a fan of your blog.

    @ Jon: Hope finals went well for you!

    @ Will: I would LOVE to attend the ludobites event. Please let me know about the details. I don't know of the best way to reach you so hopefully you see this! I hope there are still seats left!

  5. Taiwan for a week and a bit before next quarter starts? The jet lag is going to be hell. Anyways, take lots of good pics.