Saturday, August 8, 2009

Father's Day in Taiwan

Father's Day is celebrated on August 8 in Taiwan so today my dad and I went out to a nice dinner. It was a lovely meal.

1F., No.9, Sec.2, Dunhua S. Rd., Taipei

I had an amazing dish that was presented as a "lobster risotto" on the menu. What I was served was not anything close to your typical italian risotto in appearance or taste but it was absolutely delicious.
I'm a strong believer in enjoying the food as long as it is delicious regardless of what it claims to be. For example, Chinese food in the states tastes nothing like Chinese food here...but does that mean its any less delicious? No, you appreciate it for what it is.
The lobster was perfectly cooked--tender and sweet with an amazing texture. The sauvignon blanc that my dad and I shared went great with my lobster and his John Dory fish. Both dishes were delish!

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  1. wow the lobster tail looks huge! i haven't been to sonoma yet.. glad to hear it was good!